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Cabling Technologies culture supports the ongoing development of modern technology deployed in your home to simplify your lifestyles. We are the “Technology Architect” and staff only the most qualified and experienced professionals to design and install your technology based electronics. For over 20 years, Cabling Technologies has been assisting and advising our clients regarding the new technology and future solution in home automation. Our experience is extensive, our process is defined, we pledge our allegiance to your support and education in time of need and excel when we are provided the opportunity to maintain and manage our clients digital lifestyle.

How we do it

All Good Things share a common foundation of consistency. This can only be achieved with planing and staging of all phases prior their execution.


The project always begins with the discovery process. We focus on several key items that can dramatically affect our direction.

Paper Design

We call this phase paper design as it is the first part of the process that is basically done on paper.

System Engineering

Once the paper design has been approved and the agreement and deposit have been secured we move the proposal into the engineering phase.

Implementation Process

Once it all has been engineered its time to get to work and begin to install all phases of the installation.


Our job is only complete when the client is 100% satisfied with the finished product and is in agreement that the system has been completed.


Our defined process results in a well organized and documented project that allows for us to be efficient with service.


Our clients truly embrace and value the features our systems provide them with.  It is some times difficult to connect with a bunch of hardware or parts that make up a project.  We try very hard to share with our clients the most notable “Experiences” our clients value.  It is really the experience that creates the connection to value when it comes to our technology.  Below are some recent experience features that we would like to share.

Request Service

We know that Service and Support is one of the most defining functions a technology based company must provide. We are aggressive at removing any communication barrier between you and our support team. However, the more information we can collect on your issues the more prompt we can put the right people on task to solve them. Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. You WILL get a response within 1 business day at the latest. If you have an Emergency, call us @ 203 847 8630