Cabling Who?

If you have done any research prior to stumbling upon this website you would have read that Cabling Technologies Corp is the Premier Automation and Smart Technology Contractor in the North East (with offices in the Uk as well).  For more than 20 years we have been working with all the subsystems which make up a truly integrated and automated project.  We started in the trades as electrical contractors and gained significant industry experience relating to the  installation and certifying of advanced computer networks and infrastructure.  We spent decades designing, installing and programming lighting control systems and hold factory certifications for pretty much all the major brands on the market.  Our consistent desire to build the better integrated system drove our focus towards HVAC and Environmental Sub Systems.  We have continued to evolve expanding our comprehensive knowledge to include security surveillance monitoring, access control and proactive system notifications.  We strongly believe that our extensive knowledge and fundamental understanding of ALL technology set us far apart from any competitor.   And yes… We install TVs too.

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Meet George Jetson

Welcome to the Digital Age. Even though you may not be living in Orbit City, you can simplify your life with the power of home automation. Streamline household activity with the touch of a button. Lower your bills and chores. Enjoy more free time. Elroy would approve.